TAF 325 to 312 500 series Preamp Interface

If you have an vintage 325 card and want to make a preamplifier out of it, this is what you need to make a complete preamplifier with DI input with ease. Big and punchy sound with a smooth top end!

You have to swap only a few components to modify the 325 card with the supplied instructions to convert the circuit into a 312 type, and it will be ready to plug it in the interface or send the 325 card to our lab so we can do it for you. There is no need to drill any holes on original pcb board, only unsolder some components and solder the provided ones in it.

It was originally a custom project for a client but we decided to offer it for the people who have the lucky to have a spare vintage 325 board in hand.

  • With 20dB input pad , Phantom power and phase reversal.
  • Up to 65 dB of gain.
  • With a combo Neutrik connector to plug either an instrument trough the DI or a microphone on the front panel. You can use also the normal 500 series rack xlr input on the back of the rack.
  • Footprints for mounting different options for the input transformer (Jensen 110K-HPC , Cinemag 75101A pcb version, custom 2622 type transformer) You have to specify wich one do you prefer.

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